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Ed Romaine sworn in as Suffolk County executive

For the first time in 12 years, there's a new leader in Suffolk County: Ed Romaine, a Republican from Center Moriches.

Caroline Flynn

Jan 1, 2024, 5:31 PM

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For the first time in 12 years, there's a new leader in Suffolk County: Ed Romaine, a Republican from Center Moriches.
As Romaine was sworn into office at Eastport South Manor Junior/High School Monday afternoon, he shared his thoughts on the next four years. "As I take this job, I know there will be more problems than solutions, more to be done than has been done and more quests than conquests but it's only by not giving up, not trying that we lose," Romaine said.
Ahead of his inauguration ceremony, residents shared with News 12 what they think Romaine's biggest challenge will be holding the top job: Affordability in the county.
"For the young people, I am afraid for them. My daughter, youngest daughter is 24 years old. How do you buy a house today?" Wayne Kelly said.
Romaine said making the county a place where young and old can both live and work is at the forefront of his mind. He shared a few ways how he plans to tackle the challenges that lie ahead with housing.
"We have a down payment program that says if you meet certain guidelines, you can get $30,000 for a down payment. I want to expand that program. I also want to take a look at county properties, take a look with developers to encourage affordable housing and I hope the governor will help us out."
Political expert Mike Dawidziak said if there is a time for Romaine to make an impact in Suffolk County, it's now.
"Ed Romaine has got the bully pulpit and he has an opportunity to stand up for the suburbs using it, particularly against these initiatives coming out of Albany that haven't always been that friendly or toward the needs of suburbia, particularly Nassau and Suffolk County," he said.
Romaine said he will be in his new office first thing Tuesday morning. An announcement has yet to be made as to who will lead the county's IT department. By the end of January, a new police commissioner will be announced.
Romaine said his transition team has been interviewing candidates and has some promising individuals they're considering for the job.
WATCH County Executive Romaine being sworn in:
WATCH Romaine's remarks at his inauguration:

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