East End: Pot pies from the Cooperage Inn in Baiting Hollow

The Cooperage Inn in Baiting Hollow has been very popular for many years. Now they're taking one of their most popular menu items and creating a whole new line of them - pot pies.
Built to resemble a Vermont ski lodge, the Cooperage Inn has an old-school look to it, and there's lot of old-school comfort foods being cooked in the kitchen.
But through the years, there seemed to be something special about their chicken pot pie. So, chef-owner Jonathan Perkins decided to make a whole line of them.
He's launched a side company, NoFo Pot Pies. NoFo is short for North Fork.
Perkins says the timing of this couldn't be better. Although he's got a large restaurant and still serves sit-down meals, business is obviously way down.
Perkins says he has a new truck for delivery, and will soon be extending his restaurant to include an outdoor walk-up window where the pot pies will be sold.