East End: Long Island Game Farm in Manorville

New this year to the farm are squirrel monkeys.

News 12 Staff

Jun 12, 2023, 10:10 AM

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It's been entertaining Long Islanders for more than half a century.
In this week's trip to the East End, Doug Geed shows you what's new at the Long Island Game Farm.  
Bobo the giraffe is back from his winter home down south ready to entertain guests at the Game Farm.
Wallabies, cousins of kangaroos, are a very popular attraction.
But you may also bump into Snappy, a North American alligator who was given to the farm by the SPCA a couple years ago.
Guests can also meet one of the tiniest creatures at the Game Farm  - a tenrec, a nocturnal animal from Madagascar.
New this year to the farm are squirrel monkeys.
This year the Game Farm also started a nonprofit education arm. Woodland Hall is a newly renovated building that'll be open year-round for programs, animal encounters and possibly private parties.
“The mission includes connecting people with nature, which is a big part of it and we'll do that through education, programming, but it's also to support the Long Island Game Farm,” says Pat Snyder, Foundation for Wildlife Sustainability.
This means for the first in its history, the Manorville landmark will be able to stay open year-round, which will help pay the year-round bills they face for caring for the animals.  
For more information on the Game Farm, click here.   

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