East End: 8 Hands Farm

A decade ago, a family of four opened up 8 Hands Farm.
The mother, father and two children raise livestock and poultry on the sprawling Cutchogue farm.
They also have a butcher shop inside their market.
They sell other products from the animals they raise, including yam, clothing from sheep's wool, lotion, soaps and a frozen custard using the eggs from the chickens.
The mission of the farm is to reconnect people with the sources of their food. They also aim to treat their animals humanely.
"It's very satisfying to us when you see the animals out there and especially when they go out into the field and they don't come back to the barn all day," says Tom Geppel, of 8 Hands Farm. "They're just sitting there. The lambs are kind of just sitting out there laying down as their moms are grazing. Our animals are living in an environment that is natural to them and that makes them happy."