Drivers frustrated with lack of gas savings since tax holiday took effect

A gas tax holiday went into effect Wednesday across New York for the rest of the year.

News 12 Staff

Jun 3, 2022, 9:30 PM

Updated 686 days ago


A gas tax holiday went into effect Wednesday across New York for the rest of the year.
The New York state gas tax and the Nassau and Suffolk county gas taxes for all amounts over $3 have been eliminated.
A gallon of regular unleaded on Long Island was averaging $4.85 Friday, 3 cents less than Thursday.
Some motorists had hoped to see the average drop to reflect the expected 25 cent tax savings.
"When it comes down, they go very easy," says Cameron Pourgol, of Old Westbury. "When it goes up, they raise it right away."
Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman says Consumer Affairs inspectors are visiting stations to see if they have lowered prices and plan to inspect their tax records. His aides, however, would not arrange for News 12 cameras to see it happening Friday.
Blakeman says there have been only a few complaints and that it could take drivers some time to see the full savings.
"It needs to shake out and we will be looking closely and making sure that those prices are reflected with the gas relief that we have given here in Nassau and Suffolk County and throughout the state," Blakeman says.
Petroleum expert Patrick De Haan, of, says price volatility in the market could be tempering any potential price changes. He says some smaller stations could still have taxed gasoline in tanks from before the holiday went into effect.
Suffolk County also said in a statement Thursday that its Consumer Affairs inspectors were visiting stations to make sure they were pricing gas appropriately.

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