Doctor: People with mask anxiety should do what feels comfortable

After a year of becoming accustomed to wearing masks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed new guidelines for those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 – saying that masks can be ditched for most outdoor and indoor events.
News 12’s Marissa Sarbak spoke with Dr. Liat Jarkon about mask anxiety. She says the recommendation from the CDC does not mean people need to respond right away.
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“If you are comfortable still wearing a mask, wear a mask,” says Dr. Jarkon. “…Start slowly. Don't go from zero to 100. We didn't get this way in a year in a half, it took us all awhile to acclimate.”
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not said whether the state will follow the CDC guidelines. The agency still requires masks be worn riding buses or planes and in places like hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters.
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