Dobbs Ferry man accused of ramming MTA car off road, having kill list

A Westchester man - accused of ramming an MTA car off the road and having a kill list - appeared in White Plains Federal Court Thursday.
The federal government accused 33-year-old Nicholas Skulstad, of Dobbs Ferry, of ramming the MTA car off the road in Ossining on April 5.
He then allegedly jumped out of his car and shattered the window, before threatening several Ossining police officers, according to court documents.
Skulstad then allegedly told them, "I’m Jesus Christ! You are going to die today!"
Police found Skulstad's notebook inside the car with a kill list naming several public officials.
Skulstad's aunt tells News 12 he follows Hyung Jin Moon - a self-proclaimed messiah, who leads a pro-Trump, pro-gun religious cult.
"He got involved with a group, a so-called church that had some pretty radical ideas. He was never a leader, he was a follower," says Marilyn Cox Skulstad.
Several neighbors say they know him and are shocked by the arrest, but none would go on camera.
Skulstad is facing a maximum of 20 years in federal prison for the destruction of an MTA vehicle if convicted.