DiNapoli hopes child obesity audits will trim spending

Childhood obesity is costing New York taxpayers money, according to state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.
"Childhood obesity translates to more serious health problems, and those problems lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in health care costs," he says.
DiNapoli says schools need to teach children the importance of eating well and exercising. To ensure children are being pointed in the right direction, state audits will be done on every New York school's physical education and nutritional programs.
According to DiNapoli, 1.1 million children in New York, or one in four, are considered obese.
Park Avenue Elementary Principal Gloria Dingwall shares DiNapoli's view on teaching the children healthy living.
"Our children are sponges at this level, and it's so important that we instill in them good, healthy eating habits as well as activity habits so they can grow up to be healthy adults," she says.