Deep Dive: What jobs are seeing the highest wage raises in New York?

In this week's Deep Dive, News 12's Kristie Reeter and Investopedia's Caleb Silver break down what fields are seeing the most wage raises.
In New York, there has been a wage growth close to the U.S. average at 7.26%.
News 12 asked viewers in a poll, did you see a change in your paycheck over the past year?
About 14% of viewers said their wages stayed the same, while 30% said wages went up and 27% said wages went down.
Where have the paychecks been growing the most?
“In the other services— those are the plumbers, those are these electricians, we call it the other services industry. Very steep wage growth there, 15.2%,” Silver says. “When you look at information services, IT, you have seen 11.5% wage growth. That's the highest paying industry. Folks there are getting paid an average of $52 an hour in IT services."