Deep Dive: Tracking the latest traffic patterns; Mobility in NYC down 22% from pre-pandemic levels

Do you feel like you have been sitting in more congestion?
In this week's Deep Dive with News 12's Kristie Reeter, we look at the numbers to track the latest traffic patterns.
Caleb Silver, editor-in-chief of Investopedia, says that Google mobility trends show New York is the lowest in the tri-state area in terms of mobility, especially in retail and recreation.
“We see that obviously worse in New York City, we have a lot of commuters, people who use public transportation a lot less movement there,” says Silver.
Suffolk County performed the best - it is only down 1% from pre-pandemic levels, so people are moving around a lot more in Suffolk County.
Westchester and Nassau counties are lagging, with 7.4% drop in Westchester, and a 10.1% percent drop in Nassau. New York City is down 22% from pre-pandemic levels.
Gas prices are certainly higher in New York and around the country, but in New York the average is around $3.17 per gallon, a little lower than the national average. But this is up 41.9% from a year ago.