D’Amato testifies at Skelos trial

D’Amato testifies at Skelos trial

Former U.S. Sen. Al D'Amato took the stand today in the corruption trial of longtime friend Dean Skelos and his son Adam.

Skelos allegedly got his son a no-show job at an insurance company represented by D'Amato's lobbying firm. D'Amato testified that he told state Sen. Skelos that his son Adam wasn't showing up for work and was "disruptive" when he did.

"I didn't testify against my friend, I just answered the questions," D'Amato told News 12 Long Island.

Other witnesses have testified that they were afraid to fire Adam Skelos because it would anger Dean Skelos and hurt them politically.

Nassau Chief Deputy County Executive Rob Walker also testified today. He said both Dean and Adam Skelos contacted him while trying to secure a sewage contract for a company where Adam Skelos was a consultant. Walker was given immunity to testify.
Adam and Dean Skelos both face bribery and extortion charges. The prosecution is expected to wrap up early next week.