DA: 2 arrested in connection to alleged harassment in Valley Stream

Two people have been arrested in connection to allegations made by a Valley Stream woman that her neighbors were racially harassing her.
The Nassau District Attorney's Office says 57-year-old John McEneaney, of Valley Stream, has been charged with criminal mischief and harassment. He faces a maximum of one year in jail if convicted.
McEneaney's 53-year-old girlfriend Mindy Caranick, of Valley Stream, has been charged with criminal tampering. She faces a maximum of three months in jail if convicted.
Jennifer McLeggan, a mother and registered nurse, told News 12 last month that she was afraid for her life and fears for the safety of her young daughter due to the alleged actions of her neighbors.
McLeggan put up a sign on the front door of her Sapir Street home after she says the harassment from her neighbor got out of control. The claims made on the sign ended up going viral.
The sign had graphic details of incidents she says have happened, like human feces being thrown on her property, dead squirrels being buried and a blow torch being taken to her home in the middle of the night.
McLeggan also shared videos with News 12 Long Island in which she says one shows her neighbor walking around with what appears to be a gun, leaning over the fence and spitting on her yard.
Police later said 82-year-old Michael McEneaney and his 57-year-old son have pellet guns they use for target practice in their backyard.
"Our investigation found a pattern of harassment against Ms. McLeggan, including the neighbors allegedly throwing feces on Ms. McLeggan's lawn and repeatedly shooting a pellet gun in a dangerous way, leaving pellets on her lawn and at least 20 pellet indications on a sign. This conduct crossed the line between being a bad neighbor and into the realm of criminality," says Nassau DA Madeline Singas.
Both McEneaney and Canarick told their side of the story after being arraigned.
"People are coming and feeling sorry for her, and meanwhile we are the people getting screwed here," says McEneaney. "We are the victims ... we are not racist, I never was, and that's all I got to say."
Canarick denied the claims about leaving feces on McLeggan's lawn, saying, "That is not true either, there were pictures that look like I dropped it, but if you would look closely at one of the pictures, I have a white plastic bag in my hand."
Both McEneany and Canarick had to sign orders of protection to stay away from McLeggan, but there is a "carve out" that allows them to still live next door to each other.
Both McEneaney and Canarick were arraigned Monday and were released on their own recognizance. They are due back in court on Oct. 9.