COVID-19 claiming lives of 9/11 first responders

As the 19th anniversary of Sept. 11 approaches, first responders who had to live through the aftermath of the tragedy are now dealing with another due to the pandemic.
Many 9/11 first responders who survived that day are now passing away from COVID-19.
Michael Barasch, a lawyer for the 9/11 community, says he's lost almost 100 of his clients to the virus, with more than 20 of them from Long Island.
He says many 9/11 first responders, and those who were in the exposure zone that day, have developed respiratory problems and are particularly vulnerable to the virus.
Ann Gismondi, of Franklin Square, says her husband, retired FDNY Capt. Ralph Gismondi, died in April from the coronavirus.
"I'm sure that being there on 9/11 was definitely a factor in him having complications and him dying from the COVID," Gismondi says.
Meantime, Barasch says he is urging the 9/11 community to wears masks and practice social distancing. He is also encouraging first responders to sign up for the victim compensation funds to take advantage of the free health program.
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