Coronavirus canceled her 6th birthday party. So the party came to her

The rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world has put a halt to many traditions and milestones; weddings, graduations, and parties. Including birthdays.
For her sixth trip around the sun, Alexa Sullivan and her family had plans for a party at KZAM Long Island. As the news of the pandemic unfolded, the Sullivans knew they had to cancel.
"Our concerns for the health of our family and friends were first and foremost," said Alexa's mom, Christina. "We were very sad at first."
To her parents' surprise, Alexa didn't mind when she was told the news.
"My husband and I sat her down and explained what was going on in the world," Christina says. "Alexa is an old soul and a very mature now-6-year-old. She took the news surprisingly well. She told us she understood."
Alexa and her friends have been keeping in touch via FaceTime now that playdates are on hold. Understandably, they were upset they couldn't sing Happy Birthday to Alexa in person.
Or so they thought.
"The moms group messaged each other and included Alexa's teachers to plan on surprising her," Christina said.
On Sunday, some of her friends and teachers drove up to the front of her house to sing Happy Birthday from a distance, with Alexa beaming and dancing at the front door.
Watch the video of the celebration.
"It brought tears to my eyes to see her so happy during such a scary time," said Christina. "Alexa said even though she didn't have her birthday party on her actual birthday, she had the best birthday surprise."
Christina added the family is very thankful for the community, especially during a horrific time.
 "She's looking forward to celebrating when it is safe to do so."
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