Consumer Electronics Show: Gaming, robots and drones. Oh my!

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is one of the biggest trade shows in the world, and it's where everyone comes to see the hottest new gadgets and technology.
Gaming is always an important part of the show, and News 12's Andrew Ehinger is seeing lots of trends toward virtual reality. There are even retro games for those gamers looking to relive their 80s console games.
In addition to gaming, robots are just about everywhere on the show floor. Robots and companion robots that have a little artificial intelligence built in are making a big impact on show participants.
There are also drones, even ones that will patrol homes and launch automatically if an intruder is detected.
Electric bikes and scooters are also a big trend at CES. There are ones that fold down that will fit in a backpack, and others that are just fun to ride.