Connecticut health officials warn about flesh-eating bacteria in Long Island Sound

Health officials in Connecticut are warning about a flesh-eating bacteria in Long Island Sound after five people were infected over two months.
Garden City dermatologist Dr. Theodore Daly says the infection can be deadly and can enter through open wounds from recent surgeries or fresh tattoos.
He says it's accompanied by a fever, redness then swelling and pain.
The only remedy is surgery and antibiotics. He says it's concerning, considering that there have been seven cases in 10 years in comparison.
Adrienne Esposito, of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment, says the bacteria had made its way northeast due to climate change.
She says that since the waters will start to cool down, cases might be on the decline.
The CDC warns anyone with open wounds, including those from recent surgery, piercing or tattoos, to stay out of Long Island Sound.