Concerns grow over COVID-19 cases following SUNY Oneonta students back home

After only just moving in, Long Island students attending SUNY Oneonta are packing up and moving out amid a spike in coronavirus cases on campus.
Kaitlyn Muro, of Greenlawn, is now in quarantine off-campus after her roommate tested positive for the virus. Her younger sister, who is a freshman at Oneonta, tested positive as well and is in isolation in a dorm.
"In the dorms, it spread like wildfire -- at first it was off-campus people, but now it's all on-campus people that have corona," says Muro.
The SUNY school opted to shut down its campus after more than 500 students tested positive for COVID-19. Friday was move-out day for many.
Muro says kids with COVID-19 have already been picked up by their parents.
"I just think it's ridiculous because there are going to be parents on campus now who are at higher risk to corona and they're going to be bringing it, whether they mean to or not, bringing back to their hometown," says Muro. "I know a bunch of people that brought corona home now. I know a couple cases on Long Island because of this."
Dr. Leonard Krilov says Muro's concerns are warranted.
"Certainly in Oneonta - even though we've had good rates in New York, once it gets back in - our behaviors are going to contribute to re-spread unless we can really lock down effectively. So yes, I find it very concerning," he says.
An Oneonta spokesperson told News 12 since day one they have mandated strict safety protocols and put in place mass testing last week. Oneonta also says it's coordinating with local and state health departments before a positive student is released or picked up by their family.
Meanwhile, Muro and her sister are in isolation until Sept. 12. She says she won't come back to Long Island until they both test negative.