Comptroller report: N. Amityville Fire Department spent thousands on vacations, gift cards and more

The fire department tells News 12 that the six board members and chief tied to the report are no longer with the department.

News 12 Staff

May 4, 2023, 9:20 PM

Updated 356 days ago


A report from the state comptroller's office alleges that the North Amityville Fire Department spent over $500,000 on inappropriate purchases and unsupported disbursements.
The report alleges that fire department members spent thousands on things like an Alaskan cruise, as well as a vacation to a clothing-optional resort in Jamaica.
Members of the fire departments are also accused of spending money on plane tickets, gifts and service for cars that did not belong to the department.
The audit covers from Jan.1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2018.
Babylon Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer says they were "shocked, surprised and disappointed" when they first heard about the alleged improper spending by the department. He says the town notified Suffolk County prosecutors about the issue prior to the audit.
"If for some reason the DA's office can't take action because they can't charge crimes then we will go after them civilly and bring an action in court to make sure we get every dollar we can get back for what they did to the taxpayers of North Amityville," Schaffer says.
The fire department tells News 12 that the six board members and chief tied to the report are no longer with the department. They say effort are underway to rebuild the reputation of the department.
"We definitely put new procedures and policies in place to make sure that never happens again," says Jerome Moore, of the Amityville Fire Board.
The department says now membership is going up and they are also adding a junior firefighters program.
A full list of the inappropriate purchases include:
  • $106,542 in unsupported cash disbursements were made to six Board members and the Chief.
  • $44,820 for domestic flights and lodging in, among other places, Dallas, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Nashville, Tennessee.
  • $32,093 for service and maintenance to vehicles the company did not own or could not provide support for.
  • $11,258 for Christmas gifts that included, but were not limited to, gift cards, clothing, drones and video games.
  • $10,853 for one board member’s Alaskan cruise vacation and the chief’s vacation to a clothing-optional resort in Jamaica with his spouse, who is secretary to the board.
  • $7,239 for alcohol.
  • $5,121 for 14-karat gold and diamond rings for the Chief and his spouse.
  • $2,728 for optical services.
  • $1,998 for professional basketball tickets.

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