Cleaning up from Isaias might take months in some Long Island communities

Even 10 days after Isaias, workers are still faced with a sizable cleanup job to get rid of the debris the storm left behind.
The Town of Huntington Highway Department is putting in 14 hours a day with about 200 people in on the job. Officials say workers have already put in 100 hours of overtime, and it's not clear when the cleanup will be done. They say it might be two or more months of cleaning, pulling out tree stumps and cleaning sidewalks.
Huntington Highway Superintendent Kevin Orelli estimated the cleanup cost will be around $10 million.
"We're really hitting this very hard. Actually we have about 30,000 yards of material already trucked into our site," says Orelli.
Some private companies like Kiel's Tree Care are working around the clock as well.
"We must have taken 35 trees off roofs, that's pretty much all we're doing." says Kiel Dwyer. "The more we get done, the more calls keep coming in. We just keep working."
Debbie Hoffman McCarthy has been watching the cleanup from her porch. She said she's very grateful for Dwyer and the town's quick response after so much damage in the area.
"Very fortunate on this block. They've been really helpful with generators and just trying to keep things together," she says.