City: Landlord complying with orders to fix boiler

The city says the landlord of a Leland Avenue building is now complying with orders to fix a faulty boiler, which caused a carbon monoxide leak earlier in the month.
Tenants of 1512 Leland Ave. say they have been dealing with a host of problems in their building. In addition to broken locks and doors, roaches and mold, tenants say they haven't had any heat the entire winter due to a faulty boiler.
After the carbon monoxide leak, the city brought in a temporary boiler and Housing and Preservation Development gave the landlord a deadline to fix the issue. HPD says though the deadline has passed, the temporary boiler will stay because the landlord is cooperating.
Some tenants don't really believe the landlord will fix the problem.
"In reality, I doubt he's going to do anything. But maybe because of the attention and the city ? I hope he will," says tenant Alice Miranda.
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