‘Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories:’ Female community leaders honored in Roosevelt

Some Long Island women were honored at a special Women’s History Month event Monday night at Roosevelt Fire District.
Joyce Nolan, of Uniondale, says it's important for her to share with other women and girls that they are confident and strong.
"Women and girls are capable of doing and accomplishing anything, so don't limit yourself, believe in yourself,” she says.
Nolan says she shares those words to honor her daughter Alana, who died five years ago when she was 27 due to sickle cell anemia.
"I'd rather to have had her for the 27 years than to have never had her at all, and she made me very proud. We were very close and I do things to keep her memory alive,” Nolan says.
Nolan is one of four women honored at the Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories event.
Victor Pupo, of Affinity by Molina Healthcare, says the event aims to recognize and give support to women in the community.
“To let people know…just keep doing what you're doing because collectively…we're all here to serve that one major word, which is the community,” Pupo says.
Rosita Brooks of Uniondale, who came to New York from the Caribbean Island of Saint Martin when she was a teenager, says being honored during this Women's History Month is special. She is still recovering from COVID, more than a year later.
"I was kind of hesitant to say yes, but I'm honored,” Brooks says. “I couldn't walk, I couldn't feed myself, I couldn't do anything...It was a hard experience for me, but I'm grateful that I'm connected."
The very accomplished Long Island women who were honored say they will continue to spread the messages of empowering and encouraging women and girls.