Caught on camera: Man recounts near collision in East Islip parking lot

Matt Calamusso's wedding day is on Saturday, but he almost ended up not being able to celebrate it with family and friends  after a driver nearly struck him in an East Islip parking lot.
The close call was caught on camera.
The near collision happened Christmas Eve in a shopping center off of Montauk Highway.  
Calamusso says he was at a laundromat and was leaving to drive to go to his dad's home when things took a strange turn.
He says while backing out, he heard what sounded like a car hitting a utility pole.
He says at that moment, he had a split decision to make - either drive forward or move backward.
He continued to go backward, and within seconds, a white van hit a parked car, narrowly missing Calamusso's black truck.  
The 33-year-old says he didn't realize how close he came to being seriously injured - or even worse - in that near collision until he says he saw the surveillance video from the laundromat.
He describes what happened to him as a holiday miracle.
"I feel very lucky and fortunate that I didn't get hurt and no one else got hurt because he hit a car that was parked and no one was in it so I just feel lucky that I'm here. I do not think I would have been killed but it would have been a bad injury for sure and I wouldn't have made it to my wedding," he says.
The driver of the white van stayed on the scene. No charges were filed.