Caught on Camera: East Meadow man says Jet Skis were stolen by group using U-Haul truck

An East Meadow homeowner says his Jet Skis were stolen by a group using a U-Haul truck.
Neighbors say the incident was caught on video, and showed a person in a hood hop onto the truck and then drive off with the Jet Skis on the back.
Andrew Lanzello said the alleged thieves took off with his and his friend’s Jet Skis. He says he hopes they get caught.
“I think that this little scam you got here going on, sooner or later, is going to come to an end,” Lanzello says.
The same sequence of events happened recently in Locust Valley.
Nassau County police confirmed there is an active investigation and recommend Long Islanders keep motion detectors on to deter thieves.