BX toddler recovering after fall from window

A 17-month-old girl is recovering at Lincoln Hospital after falling out of a bedroom window at an Elliot Place apartment complex Monday night.
Family members say they were having dinner when little Diana Martinez left the kitchen, went to the bedroom to look for her pacifier and climbed out of the window to the fire escape. She then fell one story to the concrete floor below.
?Right now she's OK,? says Mathea Sosa, the girl?s cousin. ?We're waiting for the doctor to say what he's going to do.?
The accident sparked a citywide reminder for tenants to demand the installation of window guards from their landlords. City law requires apartment building owners to install them in every unit where there are children under the age of 11.
The Martinez family has guards on all their windows, except for the one that leads to the fire escape. According to information posted on the official Web site of the New York City Department of Health, that is acceptable because those windows are exempt from the general requirement.
Health officials say the best way to protect children from falls is to keep furniture they could scale away from windows that are not equipped with guards.
The Martinez family says they hope the accident will push landlords across the borough to install window guards.