Businesses forced to increase delivery fees for Mother's Day as LI gas prices reach record high

AAA says gas prices are now at an average of $4.48 while they were at $2.96 a year ago.

News 12 Staff

May 6, 2022, 10:12 PM

Updated 719 days ago


Gas prices are once again at an all-time high on Long Island, causing pain at the pump for delivery drivers just ahead of Mother's Day.
AAA says gas prices are now at an average of $4.48 while they were at $2.96 a year ago.
Feldis Florists in Bellmore is arranging hundreds of bouquets, which are set to be delivered this weekend. Florist Heather McBride says around 70-80% of the flowers will be delivered for the holiday.
Due to the rise in gas prices, she has seen increased fees from her suppliers before even paying for fuel for the delivery truck.
The store has had to charge a little extra to customers this year.
"With the increase of gas, we were a little worried about that as a problem, but we had to increase our delivery we charge slightly," McBride says. "Everyone is being super supportive."
Some customers wanted to save the delivery fee and pick up their Mother's Day flowers in person.
"It's getting out of control, but it's not stopping the traffic," says Richard Finkelstein, of East Meadow. "It's not stopping the cars on the road."
Hofstra economics professor Dr. Marin Melkonian says geopolitics is driving the price of gas and other goods and services to increase.
He says the war continuing in Ukraine is going to have some negative effects on the Long Island economy.

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