Bronx actor set for new TV series, movie premiere

A South Bronx man is being recognized in the borough for his acting career.
Patrick Byas has been in shows such as "Law and Order SVU," "Chicago PD," "Blue Bloods" and "Billions."
The budding star knew what he wanted his career to be when an actor from "The Terminator" franchise visited his junior high school near the Grand Concourse.
"That was the point where I wanted to be an actor," Byas says. "So he inspired me, then I said, 'I want to be like him one day.'"

Despite his success, he still stops to shake hands and talk to people from his old neighborhood. He says the pride his neighbors have in his career is inspiring to him.
"Just to see the love is genuine and to know they actually care about my family--about me," Byan said. "They know a little about me--it feels real good."
Byan is set to be in "Wu Tang, The American Saga" this September, and is getting ready for his movie release called "The Deal."