Brentwood nonprofit aims to help underserved women diagnosed with breast cancer

A group of Hispanic women in Brentwood are dedicating themselves to helping other women diagnosed with breast cancer in underserved communities.
Many of them struggle to pay for treatment and need emotional support.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Hispanic Heritage Month ends on Oct. 15.
Through an interpreter, Monica Zabala fought through the tears as she explained her lymphoma diagnosis. She is a now a six-month survivor and says she couldn't have done it without her "sisters."
"There's no words to express the gratitude and I'm so happy to be part of the organization," Zabala says.
That organization is a nonprofit called the Latina Sisters Support Inc. It's a sisterhood of more than 230 women who serve newly diagnosed cancer victims and survivors by helping to educate, encourage and empower them.
Zabala, like many others, has found comfort among other Hispanic woman who are going through breast cancer diagnoses themselves.
Maria Romero is a breast cancer survivor and founded the group after realizing women like her struggling through language barriers need emotional and financial help to navigate diagnosis and treatment.
"My community has a lot of needs, especially the ladies that doesn't have insurance. That's a huge problem in our community," Romero says.
Millie Mota, of Bay Shore, is a five-year breast cancer survivor and president of the Latina Sisters Support group.
"I found all the sisters who understood my pain, what I was going through," Mota says.
Now Romero, Mota and the others are trying to increase access to quality health care and cancer awareness education for Hispanic women and their families.
The Latina Sisters operate out of St. Luke's Church but they hope to one day have a place of their own to help even more women and offer services.
The group also provides workshops and social support, but they say to keep their mission going, they're asking for the public's help.