Bohemia-based contractor hands out turkeys to families during food outreach in Central Islip

A local contractor is giving back to families on Long Island who may be in need this Thanksgiving.
Long lines of people were at the Lighthouse Mission's Food Outreach in Central Islip Wednesday to receive a holiday meal.
King Quality, a roofing, siding and windows company based in Bohemia, donated 150 turkeys this year.
The company has done this for the past five years, but this year is particularly important due to inflation and the increasing costs of food.
"It really does bring the company together to be able to help so much," says King Quality CEO Jeff Brett. "People don't realize and it may sound selfish, but bringing a company together and increasing morale when you help others--"What we get back is so much more than we could possibly ever give."
Pastor Howie Mann of the Lighthouse Mission says they have always been feeding around 3,000 people per week, but numbers have gone up dramatically.
Bay Shore resident Sabrina Delus says buying food costs a lot.
"I was in an accident and I'm not working so they really help me a lot," Delus says.
Some turkeys can reportedly cost up to $35 this year.