Blue Point elementary school teacher under fire over social media posts

A teacher in the Bayport-Blue Point School District is out of the classroom after several scandalous social media posts surfaced.
The teacher is transgender, which parents tell News 12 they respect and support her for.
However, some in the community say they have concerns about what she been posting on social media.
One tweet that surfaced showed the teacher inside a classroom with the caption, “It’s my birthday today! Who’s gonna give me my licks?”
Another tweet read, “This is how I looked on the day my kindergarten class decided to debate whether I was a boy or girl, as if I wasn’t standing right there.”
“I just think as a teacher you have to have a little more decorum regardless of what gender or how you identify yourself,” one resident says.
In a statement, the superintendent of the school wrote “The district is aware of concerns regarding a staff member and is currently looking into the matter. The individual in question has not been in the classroom since the district was first made aware of these issues.”
The district says it is not commenting any further because it is a personnel matter.
Juli Grey-Owens, executive director of Gender Equality New York, says that social media is an important tool for members of her community to find one another, but it can be dangerous to those with public-facing jobs.
“Our community is discriminated rampantly, especially in employment,” Grey-Owens says. “And those of us who are able to work and get jobs to work and get jobs and be fully out as our authentic selves have to understand that the things we do have an impact on those who are following us.”
Parents told News 12 off camera that they like the teacher and want her to stay, despite some of the posts.