Bill would require vets to disclose side effects, dangers of pet medication

Lawmakers are working to protect pets from taking dangerous medications.
Buoy's Law is named after Mary Kate Tischler's dog Buoy, who she says died of kidney failure in 2013 after he was given painkillers for routine knee surgery.
The bill would require veterinarians to tell owners about all of the possible dangers and side effects of drugs prescribed for their pets.
Tischler, of Seaford, says her vet didn't tell her the painkiller she was giving her 3-year-old yellow Lab could be lethal, and she says there was no warning label on the pill bottle.
The New York State Veterinary Medical Society is against the bill, saying vets already tell their clients all they need to know and the bill would create big costs for small practices.
Representatives for state Sen. John Brooks, who's sponsoring the bill, say he's confident it will become law.