Bethpage homeowners claim athletic field construction tore down trees, led to rat infestations

Some homeowners in Bethpage are frustrated with renovations happening at a nearby middle school's athletic field.
Paula Connors has lived next to John F. Kennedy Middle School since 1994.
She says her and her neighbors used to be able to look out into their backyards at open fields and trees.
Connors say the district has built new athletic fields as part of a $16.25 million bond issue and tore down the trees that remained.
"Well, it was nice when we had the trees there because we had privacy," Connors said.
She says the district promised to replace the trees but that nothing has been done.
Neighbors say the project looks complete with bleachers in place.
Some even say rats from the construction are infesting yards, forcing them to pay for exterminators.
"But we still have them around the houses and in the yards, it's not safe," said Pam Obritis
Bethpage Superintendent David Schneider told News 12 in a statement that, "The project is not fully finished and we ask for their patience and understanding while the project is completed, which will include the installation of trees along the property line."
The superintendent's statement did not give a timeline for the completion of the project or when trees would be installed.
Neighbors tell News 12 they are hoping the trees will be planted in the spring at the latest.