Bellone urges VA to allow flag placement at Suffolk cemeteries on Memorial Day

County Executive Steve Bellone is giving an update on the response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Suffolk.
Briefing Notes:
  • Bellone calls COVID-19, "a test of our generation."
  • "Can we come together? Can we work together...Can we rise to the occasion now?"
  • Bellone says Memorial Day will be a test for the public. He says that there will be no flag placement ceremonies at gravesites in Suffolk County cemeteries.
  • Bellone says he's asking the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to reconsider its order that would suspend flag placement on gravesites at Calverton and Long Island National Cemetery in Pinelawn.
  • Bellone: "We must do this. This virus has taken a lot from us. We cannot allow it to stop us from honoring Americas heroes this Memorial Day weekend."
  • Bellone: There are 41,353 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 870 people were added to the total in the last 24 hours. Includes people who tested positive for antibodies.
  • Bellone says hospitalizations are trending downward.
  • The county's death toll is 1,597. 29 people died yesterday due to the virus.
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