Bellone: Suffolk COVID-19 hospitalizations drop below 70 for 1st time since March

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone gave his Tuesday COVID-19 update, expressing disappointment over the cancellation of the Long Island Ducks' season.
Briefing Notes:
- Bellone opens about the cancellation of the LI Ducks' season - says their plan needed fans in attendance to make it work.
- "We were really hoping to give everyone that opportunity this summer, but the reality is that is not going to happen. The plan was thorough ... it made sense, we could do this safely."
- "I would not have supported the plan if I did not believe it made sense ... but in light in what we're seeing around the country ... that they're taking a more cautious approach here, and I understand that."
- Says the bright side is the Ducks will still be Atlantic League champs come 2021.
- Bellone recognizes arrests made over weekend - including suspect in multiple commercial burglaries in Huntington Station area, and suspect in theft of copper in 6th Precinct area.
- In response to allegations of noncompliance on Long Island, says police will continue to educate and inform residents.
- In terms of people arriving from out of state, says it's not possible to identify all people, but hope that people will use common sense
- 41,385 total cases in Suffolk - 46 new cases.
- 19,127 positive antibody tests
- 66 COVID-19 hospitalizations - drops below 70 for first time since March. Decrease of six from Monday.
- 9 COVID-19 hospital discharges.
- 2 new COVID-19 deaths - total 1,981 deaths. Comes after zero deaths on Monday.
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