Bellone reissues call for federal help in Suffolk's COVID-19 recovery efforts

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone gave his Wednesday COVID-19 update where he spoke at length about the budget issues the county is facing in the coming months due to the coronavirus.
Briefing Notes:
- Bellone discussed budget concerns that he has spoken about before. Previous report projected an over $1 billion hole within 2.5 years. New report presented today projects $800 million hole in coming 3 months for Sept. budget.
- Bellone echoed his continued asks for federal help - says it is not a handout, reminds that the county sends to Washington 'much more' than it gets back.
- 'The reality is if the federal government fails to do what is necessary ... the recovery will be longer, deeper than it should be, and that is unacceptable.'
- Bellone thanked local officials who are helping -- Sens. Schumer, Gillibrand, Reps. Suozzi, King.
- Bellone talked about measures the county is proposing to save funds -- said they won't impact taxpayers. Calls them a 'no-brainer.'
- With need for cuts in fiscal crisis, when asked about possible cuts to police department, Bellone said 'we're looking at everything.'
- Asked about restricting outside visitors as state has flattened numbers -- says that isn't his primary concern.
- 32 new COVID-19 cases - total 40,770.
- Hospitalizations 'continue to hover in 125 area.' Number increases slightly to 129.
- 1 additional death - toll reaches 1,958.
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