Bayville residents: Aging, malfunctioning bridge needs to be fixed

Residents in Bayville say they want an aging, malfunctioning bridge in their community to be fixed.
Many say they have gotten stuck trying to get into or out of Bayville due to the bridge.
Business owners say the problem is leading to a drop in revenue for them.
It's hurt our business a great deal. When we come in the morning and we see that the bridge is stuck, we just know it's going to be a slow day," says Bridge Marine's Richard Valicenti.
County officials tell News 12 that there is a $12.5 million plan to fix the bridge, which was damaged by Superstorm Sandy. Construction is expected to begin in late spring 2019 and be completed by early 2021. 
Residents and local leaders say they are concerned about how long a shutdown for repairs will last.  Some business owners say during the spring and summer months, a complete shutdown will really hurt their businesses.  Drivers say having to take back roads around the closure during the winter months might be treacherous.
"Four-month closure is completely unacceptable.  If we can whittle that down to three months or two months it makes life here a lot easier,” says Legislator Josh Lafazan, of Woodbury.
Lafazan says the county has promised him that work will not be done on the bridge between Memorial Day and Labor Day.