Baldwin School District adopts safety protocols, redesigns in preparation for reopening

Administrators of the Baldwin School District says schools are well-prepared to reopen their doors safely.

Baldwin High School principal Neil Testa and Superintendent Dr. Shari Camhi say they have spent the summer planning and redesigning.

With the start of school just around the corner, a plan is in place that includes masks, social distancing and compulsive sanitizing.

"We have increased the amount of cleaners in our buildings so that there is constant cleaning of our bathrooms and frequently touched surfaces," says Camhi.

Neil adds, "We have created social distance markers throughout the school, one directional hallways, stairways…we changed our cafeteria, our library."
Lockers are off-limits and sanitizing stations have been placed in every classroom, hallway and stairwell. Lunches must also be ordered from home.

School staff is protected using plexiglass partitions, everyone must wear a mask while in the hallways, and touchless water fountains have been installed.
"I think that we have done everything humanely possible to make sure that our buildings are safe that our kids are safe and our faculty are safe," Camhi says. "It is really a joyful experience to be back with people and learning again."

Neil says, "Nothing beats seeing students in-person, so we can help them grown and learn."
If a student becomes ill with COVID-19, there is a quarantine area for them. Then, the Nassau Health Department will take over.