Back in action: Knicks fan gives firsthand account of first open MSG game

What was it like being back at Madison Square Garden for the first fan-attended game of the season? We asked fans who were part of it.
Johnny Ova, from Deer Park, went to the Knicks game with his wife. He's not a season ticketholder, but goes to a few games a year.
Ova took and passed a COVID-19 PCR test a few days before and had to show proof of that to get into the game.
He sat in the upper section and said he felt very safe.
"They tried to enforce social distancing as best they could, which they did," says Ova. "They taped up some seats, they had security guards walking around because people would wander a lot," says Ova. "They had people in the bathrooms as far as the men's room making sure people ... and they had some stuff taped off in there too."
Ova says he felt safer at The Garden last night then he has at the supermarket.