Babylon braces for another potentially hard-hitting storm

People on the South Shore prepping for the next round of potential flooding.
On Harrison Avenue West in Babylon, there is still water on the block from Tuesday's storm, and some are pushing for more to be done to mitigate the water issues.
Resident Michael Fincke said, “You get used to it, but it’s ridiculous - the taxes we pay, the water should be gone.”
Fincke tells News 12 for two decades he has been pushing for additional drainage and to raise the roadway. He says they typically have residual water on the block, but this week’s storm was the worst he has witnessed since Sandy.
Meanwhile, people down at Overlook Beach were surveying the major erosion that has occurred.
Babylon Town Supervisor Richie Schaffer wants the beaches to have sand routinely replaced by the Army Corps of Engineers. The town has vowed to move 20,000 cubic yards of sand to resolve the issues in the short term and is hoping to get emergency aid for more sand.