Authorities: MS-13 member killed 2 Roosevelt HS students

Authorities say a 20-year-old member of MS-13 is responsible for the deaths of two Roosevelt High School students who were marked for death by the gang.
Kevin Lopez-Morales, of Roosevelt, was charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of 16-year-old Angel Soler and Josue Amaya Leonor, 19, who was also known to his family as Joshua Aguilar. Authorities say Aguilar was killed in September 2016 and Soler was killed 10 months later.
Police say Soler and Aguilar, who were friends, were hacked to death by machetes and found buried just 2 miles apart in the Roosevelt Preserve.
Lopez-Morales was the fifth person to be arrested for the death of Soler. On Thursday, Jose Daniel Lopez was indicted for his alleged role in Aguilar’s killing.
Detectives say the victims were marked for death after they contemplated joining rival gangs – in particular the 18th Street gang.
Lopez-Morales was described as part of MS-13’s “Hollywood Clique” and was arrested while in custody of Homeland Security after making incriminating statements. He was arraigned on two counts of second-degree murder and remanded without bail.
Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas came to court in Hempstead Friday and stood in on the arraignment. Afterwards, she told reporters that the recent arrests and indictments have made MS-13 "weak."
“I think they feel vulnerable, as they should, because the heat is on,” says Singas. “We're going to pursue them as vigorously as we can.”
Police say a total of four people were involved in both Soler's and Leonor's slayings and that more charges could be filed soon.