Authorities: Bayport man charged with sending threatening letters to LGBTQ community

A 74-year-old Bayport man has been arrested for allegedly mailing letters threatening members of the LGBTQ community.
Officials say Robert Fehring also threatened to shoot and use explosives on individuals, organizations and businesses associated with the community. One threat was a mass shooting that would make the 2016 Orlando Pulse Nightclub attack "look like a cakewalk" in comparison.
According to federal investigators, Fehring sent several letters threatening violence against several LGBTQ events - including one in East Meadow this past June.
During a search of Fehring's home, federal investigators say they found photographs from that event in East Meadow, along with two loaded shotguns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, two stun guns and an envelope containing the remains of a dead bird addressed to an LGBTQ-plus affiliated attorney.
David Kilmnick, organizer of a June 2021 Pride event in East Meadow and CEO of the LGBT Network, says he has been threatened by Fehring for years and has reported it to Suffolk police - and that they told him they were investigating. He says he is relieved that the Bayport man has finally been caught.
Fehring was released on a $100,000 bond with multiple suretors. His wife signed on Monday and his adult daughter will sign on later this week.
The suspect is on home detention with location monitoring. His electronic device is being monitored by pretrial services and he is not permitted to possess any firearms or destructive devices. He is also not permitted to have contact with any victims and may not go to certain locations he threatened.