Attorney for teen accused in deadly stabbing of Oceanside HS student appears in court

An attorney for the teen accused of fatally stabbing an Oceanside High School student appeared in court Monday. 
 Tyler Flach was arrested for allegedly stabbing another teen to death during a fight in Oceanside last week. 
Prosecutors have until late Tuesday afternoon to get an indictment against Flach or he will be released without having to post bail pending a trial.
Flach's attorney asked prosecutors to turn over all tips given to Crime Stoppers that could indicate another person may have stabbed Khaseen Morris.
"There is a lot about this case that is not captured on these videos, we have a team of investigators out there, we believe there are other videos that will show the other part of the story," says Flach's attorney.
At a news conference last Thursday, police said they had received more than a dozen crime stopper tips.
Detectives also appealed to teens who were at the fight to come forward and share information and additional cellphone videos.
Flach remains in protective custody in jail.
His attorney says he received three written death threats after Morris' death.
Flach is charged with second-degree murder.
He has also recently been arrested on a drug charge and for allegedly assaulting a 15-year-old in April.
According to court documents, in that case, Flach punched the victim repeatedly with a closed fist, leaving him with a black eye and swollen face.