As inflation increases, so does need for food banks on Long Island

Long Island Cares in Freeport says they’re seeing a 16% increase in the number of families coming in for donated food.

News 12 Staff

Mar 13, 2022, 4:19 PM

Updated 822 days ago


Long Islanders are having to make their incomes stretch as the cost of everyday items, like food and gas, get more expensive by the day.
Danilo Del Pino, of East Meadow, is one of millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet amid inflation at a 40-year record high.
"Basically, we're surviving, because everything costs more now...I used to go buy with no limit and spend whatever, but now I try to minimize as much as I can," says Del Pino.
Paule Pachter, CEO, Long Island Cares says, "They are middle-class families making $60,000 to $70,000 a year who just have difficulty on a regular day affording the cost of living on Long Island. Now you add close to 8% inflation and it's really beginning to hurt."
Economists say the recent spike in inflation is only the beginning of even higher prices to come and hardships ahead for families.
Long Island Cares expects the demand for food assistance to grow.
"We estimate that probably in the next six months or so, we're going to see an additional 35,000 people," says Pachter.
Del Pino relies on the food pantry to fill his refrigerator every week. He says it helps him save money for other essentials.

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