Heat advisory in effect for Long Island through this evening.

Rescue workers use night vision equipment in hopes of spotting bull

Animal rescuers say they have pinpointed a spot where they believe the animal, now being called Barney, has been frequenting.

News 12 Staff

Jul 22, 2021, 11:05 AM

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Animal rescue crews are using night vision equipment Thursday in hopes of spotting the 1,500-pound bull seen on video running through the streets of Suffolk County.
Police say it escaped from the Halal Farm on Barnes Road after it broke through a fence Tuesday.
Rescuers have tried tracking him, luring him with a female cow and leaving him alone -- all to no avail.
"This is a thermal imaging camera," says Frankie Floridia, with Strong Island Rescue League. "It'll pick up any heat and light source out in the field.
That's just one tool Floridia and other rescue crews are using Thursday to try and finally bring the bull, now being called Barney, to safety.
"This is an ace beam -- a super high powerful flashlight," says Floridia.
Animal rescuers have pinpointed a spot where they believe the animal has been frequenting in Mastic. Earlier Thursday, they assembled a portable pen and placed food in it with the hope of trapping the bull inside.
Ed Stepinski, of Eddie K9 Search and Rescue, has cameras set up to grab images and video.
"Whatever walks past the camera, it triggers a picture and sends it to my phone within 10 seconds," says Stepinski.
Stepinski says he set up the camera in and around the corral the crew set up earlier.
Mike Stura, of Skylands Animal Sanctuary, says the hope is to get the bull in the corral and then into his trailer.
Stura says he found out what kind of feed the bull was normally eating and tried to replicate it to hopefully draw him out.
Police say anyone who sees the bull should not approach it themselves and call 911.

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