AAA: 49.1 million Americans are expected to travel car for Thanksgiving

Long Island roads were jammed with cars Wednesday ahead of Thanksgiving Day.
AAA Northeast's Robert Sinclair Jr. said 49.1 million Americans are expected to travel by car this Thanksgiving.
“That’s 1.7% ahead of last year,” Sinclair said. He said driving accounts for 88% of all travelers.
Several Long Islanders told News 12 they are staying home this Thanksgiving. Michael Spivak, of Woodmere, is one of them. He said he is looking forward to relaxing and watching some football.
If you are driving, there is some good news: AAA says gas prices are down about 30 cents per gallon compared to this time last year.
When it comes to that trip back home, experts say the roads will get very busy around 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, so if you can head out early Sunday morning or even Saturday, that would be your best bet.