‘A devastating time’: Attorneys for Rex Heuermann’s wife say arrest has taken ‘emotional toll’ on family, request privacy

Following Heuermann's arrest in three of the Gilgo Beach murders, Ellerup filed for divorce on Wednesday.

News 12 Staff

Jul 21, 2023, 10:15 AM

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The firm representing Rex Heuermann’s wife, Asa Ellerup, released a statement Friday, giving a glimpse into the family’s reaction to the whirlwind events of the last week.
“As you can imagine, our client and her family are going through a devastating time in their lives. The sensitive nature of her husband's arrest is taking an emotional toll on the immediate and extended family, especially their elderly family members,” the statement from Macedonio & Duncan, LLP said.
They go on to say Ellerup will not comment further and is requesting privacy.
Following Heuermann's arrest in three of the Gilgo Beach murders, Ellerup filed for divorce on Wednesday.
The statement came just ahead of the one week mark since the arrest in the Gilgo Beach murders became international headlines.
Police and media members have since posted up in Massapequa Park on First Avenue, where Heuermann lived in his childhood home with Ellerup and their two kids.
Multiple sources told News 12 Thursday that investigators believe one or more of the Gilgo Beach murders took place at the suspect’s home.
Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney has said that Heuermann’s family was away at the time of the suspected murders.
Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison tells News 12 that Heuermann's wife and children were shocked by the allegations.
"Very bizarre lifestyle, he was a family man, architect, but when his wife was out of town, the things he would participate in were dangerous," Harrison says.
The searches of the home have been going on daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They are not expected to stop anytime soon. Heuermann’s house is still blocked by a police presence so that items can be taken.
Experts say breakthroughs in DNA technology have played a huge role in making an arrest in the Gilgo Beach murders.
Retired New York City Det. David Sarni says with advances in DNA analysis, hairs, fingernails, blood stains and other sources of DNA do not have to be in pristine condition for investigators to find a match.
"You're dealing with burlap sacks with bodies in them left for an extended period of time with nature to affect them," Sarni says.

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