9/11 statue rededicated in Huntington Station

Huntington Station residents gathered Friday at the September 11 Memorial Garden for the rededication of a cement firefighter statue.
The memorial's original statue, as well as one of a police officer, was stolen in July. The police statue was found and returned, but the fireman wasn't recovered and a new one erected in its place.
Kathryn Jones, the mother of the Eagle Scout who created the garden, was driving past recently and says she couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted the original back.
"I almost went off the side of the road," she says. "It was sitting there leaning against the bench, and I jumped out and grabbed a picture of it on my cell phone."
The original did have some damage, but it was able to be repaired.
Both the original and replacement statue will reside at the memorial from now on, both serving as tribute to the brave victim's of Sept. 11.