8-year-old girl makes sandwiches for people in need

An 8-year-old Bellmore girl is helping to feed those in need on Long Island.
MacKenzie and her mother Meredith Weise have made 800 sandwiches for the hungry and homeless across the Island.
"I want people to know that it's very important and think it's important for everybody to have food and you should be grateful that you have food every day and you have a home," says MacKenzie Weise.
Even before the coronavirus, Meredith Weise says when they would visit New York City, her daughter couldn't just walk by a homeless person without feeling compelled to help.
"I'm very proud of MacKenzie because she has a big heart and she feels things, and I think she's very special and the world is a better place because she's here," says Meredith Weise.
The pair got involved with the nonprofit One Sandwich at a Time.
They buy ingredients and make the sandwiches, wearing a mask and gloves, and then deliver them to food pantries or homeless shelters.