7-year-old Smithtown girl blazes around BMX track

Luciana Brown is going to represent Team USA on the BMX world stage.

Thema Ponton

Mar 14, 2024, 2:04 PM

Updated 124 days ago


Luciana Brown, 7, from the Town of Smithtown is going to represent Team USA on the BMX world stage.
Brown tells News 12 she beat out dozens of other racers to qualify for the 2024 UCI BMX World Championship, taking place May 10-18 in South Carolina.
In an exclusive interview with News 12's Thema Ponton, the tough second grader shares a little about her winning strategy.
"I just cut her off in the turn and that was OK, and I just beat her."
And if you can believe this, Brown first got on a bike while still in diapers.
"When I was like two, I used to put on my diaper and go out of the gate," said Brown.
Since then, Brown has collected dozens of first place medals and trophies for winning on the BMX track.
"I just loved it, and I just kept doing it," Brown said.
Her nickname on the track is Beast Baby and the second grader definitely doesn't "ride" alone.
Her family is with her as she flies around every turn and lifts off at every jump.
"My heart is...uh, uh....beating a million miles a minute the entire time, until she crosses that finish line," said Luciana's mom, ToniAnn.
Her mom, along with her Dad, Scott and older sister Antonia are her loudest supporters, as she flies around the track, sometimes reaching speeds of 35 miles an hour.
"My heart is in my sneakers," said Scott.
"Panic, panic! Sometimes you'll even hear me on the video is she's way out front, I'll say, slow down Luci!"
But Luciana said even though sometimes she is nervous and scared, she has no plans to slow down.
"Sometimes I even just believe in myself, and I just do it and I go out there and I get all these medals and trophies," Luciana said.
She is also doing her own raffle to raise money to cover the costs for the world championships.
If you'd like to contribute, the information is in the image below.

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