2 teens charged after allegedly harassing fitness class, throwing barbell at gym member

Two teens from Centereach have been arrested after allegedly being part of a gang of kids on bikes who harassed people in Port Jefferson Station.
Video shows the teens who were apparently going around the village last week causing disturbances. One teen was seen throwing a punch at a man outside a gym, and police say other teens threw drinks at Wendy's customers.
The footage was taken outside Crossfit DHP in Port Jefferson Station last Thursday. Members were participating in an outdoor fitness class when they say a crew of 20 kids on bikes started harassing them.
Owner Ryder Champoullion says the video captured part of the third time the group showed up in the course of a few hours. He says in the footage, you can see a teen take a swing at him. Before that, he says the group started riding their bikes right into members, and then got into an altercation with one member.
He says a teen picked up a 25-pound barbell and threw it at a person, but they caught it mid-air. He adds they also swung pipes at some members, threw bike seats and issued threats.
Police say they've now charged one teen with throwing the barbell, and charged another with throwing the bicycle seat.
Champouillon says he's happy to learn of the arrests, and hopes it's only the beginning.
"Things like this will not stand in our neighborhood, people need to be held accountable for their actions," he says.
After leaving the Crossfit, police say the group went to a Wendy's on Neconset Highway, where they allegedly cursed at customers and threw drinks.
The parents of the teens were issued a desk appearance ticket.