1st Black tenant of Green Acres Mall nominated for Legacy Award at Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit

Vera Moore says her mindset of not giving up is something she hopes others will take on

News 12 Staff

Feb 28, 2023, 10:52 PM

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Growing up poor did not stop Vera Moore from giving up on her dreams. She is now being recognized for a career that includes her time as one of the first Black actresses in a TV soap opera and for her current role as CEO of a successful business.
The 78-year-old was recently nominated for the Legacy Award by Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit - an honor she says she is grateful to God and her parents for.
Moore's mother was a domestic worker, and her father was a porter who couldn't read. But she says her parents inspired her to be the woman she is today.
"I never had, 'I can't do it because I'm Black, I can't do it because of this,'" Moore says. "I never had that. My mother always said, 'Listen do your due diligence.'"
She is now the president and CEO of her own cosmetics line and the first Black tenant of the Green Acres Mall. (Will have to ask reporter about when and add - it's not in the script).
Moore says her mindset of not giving up because of her background is something she hopes others will take on.
"That's what's so important," Moore says. "That they see somebody, it says the same thing, that they grew up and heard or see someone that didn't hear that and says, 'My God, look at what she's doing.'"
She says her success comes with commitment and consistency.
This year's Black Enterprise Woman of Power Summit is taking place from March 9-11 in Las Vegas. The event brings together over 1,500 influential corporate professionals and businesswomen of color.

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